What size images should I upload?




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    Jason Underhill

    Are uploaded images not resizing or optimised in any way for web viewing? I've been uploading all my images at full resolution, perhaps I should resize and reupload?

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    Wondering the same as Jason. Will the Pf server not optimise image size? I.e. will it try to upload a 50Mb image to the browser and not create a smaller version?

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    Mark McClure

    I have the same question as Jason and Nivrot. In my case, I just started uploading directly from Lightroom CC using the new add feature.

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    Hi All, Portfolio does optimize for mobile so that visitors don't drain their mobile data plans and that sites don't feel like they're taking forever to load. Full Res is fine -- worth thinking about folks on desktop who are viewing your site on a slower connection. We're working on detecting those speed fluctuations to help mitigate that issue.

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