What Embed Codes do you support?




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    Gail Rankin

    Hey just wondering when there will be an ability to add a high res slideshow ... Slideshare is pretty low res at 550 px max and not software that's meant for showcasing digital imagery. 

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    Shushant Verma

    Hi ! , i wanted to add few 360 degree interactive product photographs to my portfolio, but currently the embed codes from the site with offer this service is not supported. i would like to request you to please support embed codes of Megavisor and Sirv so that i can add my 360 degree photos. Also if you could add the support for photospheres so that people can navigate in space. Willing to see these changes soon. Thanks ! Have a great day.

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    Tamas Sabo

    Hey, I tried to embed a video from Vimeo. I set the maximum size to 100% but my video doesn't filled the page in horizontally. Then I checked the html code of my page and I saw the following CSS limitations:

    max-width: 640px; max-height: 360px;

    Unfortunately because of this limitation I can't embed anything wider than 640px which is very annoying because I want to make these videos more prominent. Is there any solution to edit this "global style"?

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    Christopher E White


    We were wondering if there would be support any time soon to be able to embed a video as the background for a masthead. Right now we can use images but for instance on the main masthead of our site we would love to have a full screen video playing like so: http://www.sneakersagency.com.

    If there are no upcoming plans for that then we would at least love to be able to have a full screen embed of a video for a project masthead or project cover.


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